Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Link Exchange Tips

Link Exchange Work:

1. Bringing link exchanges to you, instead of surfing the web to find them, is smart webmastering. This is done by building backlinks to your site's link swap web page, in order to get both organic search and direct traffic. The benefit is to reduce the amount of time spent on searching for Link Exchanges. Also, there is less time spent on initial link swap emails that do not get a response. Possible backlink title phrases:
theme Link Exchange
theme Link Swap
Reciprocal Link Exchange
Swap theme Links
Tip. When building backlinks, smart webmasters add more hyperlinks to their link exchange web page on the pages within the same site.

2. Finding high quality relevant websites should be easy. [see Thy SEO Checklist Technique #4.1] The Google Toolbar PageRank and a link:FutureBacklinkURL at Yahoo search, well help determine webpage quality. If you have never used Google's Toolbar, it's a cool tool and can be turned off and on from the View > Toolbars menu in Windows Internet Explorer.
Tip A. Other site's that offer an online link exchange in .php form look like time-savers, on the surface. I find that around 25% of these sites don't seem to work when clicking "submit." In any case, one way to find these is to search at Google: inurl:php "add link" keyword. I keep track of .php sites that do not work when submitting. This helps me avoid working with the same site in the future.
Tip B. I minimize the act of soliciting link swaps through email. This reduces any possibility of SPAM complaints.

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